Twinning with every species mother

Here is hindi phrase as bhagwan muh phade hai to khana bhi denge! I was overwhelmed by nature’s planning within half an hour of her arrival milk was there(even with the use of oxytocin).

I remember I came out of the operation theatre and nurses were holding my baby closer to my breast and she was fondly opening and closing her mouth.

That was her third activity I guess which was a little too fast but mother nature has planned everything in advance. Even I have heard that the type of milk is also different as per baby meaning breast milk is different for baby boy, baby girl, twins boy and girl.

Then they suggest different types of intake in form of formula milk, express milk and breast milk. Somehow in the beginning visiting the doctor scare us by saying the baby weight is less and keep on decreasing as she was born 2.48 kg and she was decreasing by 10gm. Till the third day, he scared us deeply by saying her jaundice is increasing so and so forth.

First was breathing

Second was crying

The third was feeding

As soon as I started lactating I can feel some level of connection with the mother of all species and their respective baby. I ought to feel a surreal level of bonding with mother nature. In Hindi, we have a saying that God has planned all for you even before your arrival.

May we all mothers are possible to share every necessary skill set for the survival of our kiddo.