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Jaigarh Fort-A Popular Tourist Attraction In Jaipur

After exploring the Nahargarh Fort, I headed toward the Jaigarh Fort. The distance between Jaigarh and Nahargarh Fort is approx 6.3 Kms. From Jaipur city, it is approx 15 Kms.

Jaigarh Fort View

Best Time To Visit: the best time to visit this fort is during the winter season when the Mercury is dropped down and the weather is pleasant.

Timings Of the fort timings are from 9 AM to 5 PM.

Entry Ticket of Jaigarh Fort: The entry ticket is INR 35/person.

I hired a guide and trust me it is always entertaining and interesting. You get to know a lot of stories and secret locations which you can not find on your own.

The Thick Walls Of the Fort

This Fort was built by Jai Singh 2 in 1726 to protect the Amer Fort. The entrance of this Fort had a steep pavement which leads to the main gate known as Dungar Darwaza. The Fort drew me to an imaginary world. I tried to visualize the fort when it was alive but couldn’t reach the limit.

View of fort’s One End

A steep Pavement leads you to the main gate of the Fort called Dungar Darwaza. The Fort had many secret passages. These passages helped the rulers to escape in emergency or attacks. It is also said that one of the secret passage in this Fort leads to the Amer Fort which is approx 7 Kms.

The central watchtower on a raised ground provides an excellent vista of the surrounding landscape.

Lake View From the Fort

The fort is highly fortified with thick walls of red sandstone. The Walls are spread over a layout plan with a length of 3 kilometres (1.9 mi) and a width of 1 kilometre (0.62 mi).

It also has an impressive square garden known as “Charbagh garden” (50 metres (160 ft) square). The Garden looks beautiful from the top of the fort.

Side View Of the Fort

The guide took us to see the world’s largest cannon on wheels which is kept in this fort. This cannon is named as Jaivana. It was built in Jaigarh’s foundry in the year 1720. Many say that the cannon was used only once (that too for trial purpose).

The ball fell some 35kms away in a village which is now turned into a lake. This incident is not confirmed but, if such a story is built for this canon then you can imagine how powerful they tried to make it.

Apart from the secret passage and Canon story, another thing that caught my attention was the water channel mechanism in this fort. There are a lot of wide water channels in the fort that worked for the rainwater harvesting.

Jaivana, which is the world’s largest cannon on wheels

Here comes another story related to this tank which was even believed by our Indian government. It was claimed that the tank contained treasures of the Royal family of Jaipur. The Indian government tried to find those treasures but couldn’t get any.

Costumes in the Museum

This story reminded me of Ajay Devgan movie Baadshaho which is said to be based on Jaipur’s Rani Maharani Gayatri Devi. 

Head Gear, Shield, Weapons in Museum

There is a granary, 10th-century temple of Ram Harihar and the 12th-century temple of Kal Bhairav.

In India, we use to energize weapons with sacred mantras

This Fort is not very crowded like Amer Fort and if you are visiting the Amer Fort, you must visit the Jaigarh Fort. You will get stunned by the views of this Fort.

Pictures kept in Museum

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Happy Travelling! 

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