Catitude is the new vibes of kids in 2022

I must admit that I have seen such behaviour in a few adults but to observe it on a regular basis is really one and a half years old for me. On a regular basis, I will feel like have a sense of oh you going to be big “better you worship me”!!! types. Not only this I will write 5 arguments in support of my claim.

Regular occupancy of Mumma’s attention

I tell you they will take 200 per cent of your attention when they are awake but also while sleeping, if at all I’m doing some work baby will come to sit on my lap and do all my writing on the keyboard with her spare hand (another one is busy poking into my eyes or nose). Some how she is totally capable of shutting down my laptop with a few random clicks which I never got till now.

2. Pleasure of Sitting on my face

Baby will leave the whole king-size (108*108cm)bed just to come and sit on my face simply continuing her endeavours baby will pound on my face with the force of her upper body -pressing her baby soft bumps on my face. Baby will do it with such a giggle smile and sound that you are forced to enjoy a few such punches.

3. Higher sense of smelling power

Baby can withhold her face to mum’s side and can find Mumma’s boobs without even opening the silt of her eyes. If at all I want to dislocate myself then I have done the greater manoeuvre of shifting with additional body weight or just drop the idea itself.

4. Snatching my diary at night to draw something of her own.

During the night baby will make sure to wind up her chores in the first fifteen minutes and come to disturb me in my diary writing process, in that case, I would prefer to distract her with some other notepad but no big no she wants only my diary same page -same pen. To she will snatch it away by quickly pounding on me and going to the corner of the bed to put on her own creativity.

5. Entitled to drink breast milk leaving away the rest of mum’s body.

The baby fell so entitled to suck on mum’s milk that she wants only one body part which is the nipple and leaves away everything. Baby will through away my hands leave alone thought of cuddling or hugging.

I can make this whole post in one go after a strong determination to start writing on my motherhood section. This journey is quite nasty and full of joy. Which we can never put into words fully we all can pour our thoughts into it. Drop your journey in the comment section.