Beginning 2022 at sizzling Goa

What could be a better new year’s eve celebration than enjoying it with your family in a beautiful destination like Goa? While my ask was simply a couple of cosy days by the beach, Goa offered above and beyond.

I, my husband, and our little baby set off to Goa from Bengaluru via Hampi and halted there for a night.

As we proceeded towards Goa, the road conditions were slightly disappointing and the journey became taxing due to narrow and crowded roads, however, once we checked in our resort, the exhaustion was instantly gone.

To immerse ourselves in luxury I booked the stay in Lotus Sutra, located in the bylanes of Arambol because I believe in sustainable travel, and my approach aligned pretty well with this resort. From utilizing a broken commode as a flower pot to enhancing the decor by using waste plastic bottles, I came across a range of environmentally friendly and thoughtful DIY stuff during my stay.

You can watch some glimpses here

While talking about decor, I must mention, Buddha statutes and beautiful quotations on the wall as well as paintings were effortlessly adding to the ambience of the place, making it aesthetically appealing while creating a vibe of serenity.

After comforting ourselves with a hot shower and cosy bed we headed to the beach in the evening and met some young bubbly girls who were selling beautiful seashell items.

It was indeed fun to interact with them and buy some souvenirs for our friends back home. While the incessant waves and soothing breeze had made it very difficult to get off the shore, a live band performance awaited us in the resort.

We wrapped the night with lots of dancing and singing.
The next morning, I woke up to an unbelievable surprise planned by my husband. We went for a private boat ride from Chapora Beach to a very calm and isolated island where we watched a lot of seagulls.

It was one of those experiences which you wish to last forever. You must know that Goa is not just about beaches and parties but also about culture and cuisine.

The hospitality of goans will filch your heart away, try to connect with local people to enrich your experience and get your hands on offbeat activities.

They would also suggest you best places to eat and chill. We tried delicious food thalis, checked out dive bars, and dined in infamous restaurants as well.

If you have an eye for aesthetics and architecture, you will be mesmerized by the old Portuguese infra and colourful houses that speak a thousand words.

Finally, it was new year’s eve and one special thing I will remember it by is an adorable couple who were celebrating their 55th wedding anniversary. I simply couldn’t take my eyes off of them while they were dancing together and I was lucky enough to interact with them the next morning.
We enjoyed the last day of 2021 in the resort with live music and delicious food. Since we travelled with a small kid, a lot of things had to be taken into consideration while making plans.

A large number of parties are organized on new year eve in Goa, but we couldn’t attend one in Titos since the club had restricted entry of couples with kids and secondly,

we were unaware of B-Prak’s concert, so I would suggest to research well before making your itinerary and make the most out of your holidays.
At last, I would just like to mention one important thing for parents travelling with small kids, please stay both mentally and physically prepared.

In our case, the baby fell from the bed and we had run across town in the jam-packed roads to see a doctor, so plan meticulously and stay flexible with your plans.

This trip was indeed different from trips we have had as a couple but trust me the happiness of this vacation was multiplied by the joy of being parents.