Dhanushkodi Beach point and 5 spellbinding places

What to do after astounding darshan of Rameshwaram Dham? What about youngster and kids? Well as a solution Sachetwalker is giving you insight into things to do at Dhanushkodi beach point and 5 spellbinding places.

How to reach RAMESHWARAM

By Air

Madurai is the nearest Airport which is around 175 km distance from Rameswaram. Thoothukudi is another airport which is around 195 km distance from Rameswaram.

By Train

Rameswaram has a railway station which is around 1.3 km from the Ramanathaswamy temple. By Road

By Road

Rameswaram has a Bus stand which is around 2 km from the Ramanathaswamy temple.


Dhanushkodi is where Vibishana, a brother of Ravana surrendered before Rama in the epic Ramayana. This has a beautiful aerial view and you can feel the freshness in the air all the time.

Now marked with Indian Emblem and a perfect place for photography and thinking spot.

Maintenance authority seems to change the beachside location last time it was on left this time it was on right. This time Dhanushkodi is filled with flocking tourist and photographers ready to capture memories.

High and mighty tides will remind you of Oceanic superpower

Dhanushkodi is a place which will shake you from inside out, these furious yet gentle waves will remind you of something forgotten, hidden rage and anger will slightly flow in this oceanic water.

After the incident of Tsunami and 2015 cyclone, the seashore is closely monitored and barricaded with heavy stone mesh.

Whatever may be the occasion (I never miss to pose) and make my collection rich with memories.

Kayaking and other water sports activities

Sea Kayaking, Stand Up Paddle Boarding and snorkelling are available at nearby locations. This has an additional benefit of staying and visiting the Gulf of Munnar.

I have tried other water activities at Andaman and Nicobar but here it was special because I was tired of doing regular travelling and water activities definitely recharge you.

Sri Panchmukhi Hanuman Mandir & Floating Stonestemple

A magnificent and memorable place to visit. Once or twice this will remind you of RICH INDIAN CULTURE and will make you feel special.

Now, I happened to do some background research on why they are floating

A scientific possibility

If air is trapped within a shell of silica it would look like a stone but would actually be very light and would thus float. Another example is Ice. When put into glass having liquid, ice floats on liquid & after some time it sinks. Another prime example is of “Pumice” stone.

Theory 1 (Pumice Theory):

I read this in a blog. It sounds totally reasonable at first. In short below,

Let start from the scientific fact that if air is trapped within silica, it would look like a stone but would be very light and float. Another example is Ice. When put into a liquid, ice floats on liquid & after some time it sinks. Another example is of “Pumice” stone. Pumice is the hardened foam of lava when it comes out of a volcano. The inside of a volcano has very high pressure and can be as hot as 1600 Celcius. When the lava comes out of the volcano, it meets the cool air or seawater.

Then air and water that was mixed in the lava bubble out. Due to temperature differences, it freezes and so bubbles trapped inside them. Hence weight is reduced, so it floats.

Dense stones do not float on water. But because pumice is full of air bubbles, it is less dense than water. So, in the beginning, it will float. But in time, water will enter the bubbles driving out the air. Slowly, the pumice sinks. This also explains why the Ram Setu is underwater today. Pumice doesn’t float forever. But you don’t see volcanoes near Rameswaram. So if you visit a volcanic island (like Barren Island in the Andamans, or Anak Krakatau in Indonesia), you can see several acres of pumice around the shore. Due to Tsunami in 2004, these stones washed towards shore, and people begin to see floating stones.

Drawback: Some floating stones of Rameshwaram are not light weighted like pumice rocks and doesn’t have the chemical composition similar to pumice rocks. Also, the colour of the pumice rocks is white or creams but there are many black floating stones in Rameswaram.


House of kalam

Ram paduka temple and Gandhamadhana Parvatham

Quick Do

1.LEAVE all your mobile and bags while visiting APJ memorial.

2.As APJ Memorial is while entering into the city so keep the entry ticket pin/yellow one save . That would help you while coming in and going out.

3. Wake up early for temple visit and avoid any pundits help (you can easily go inside and do inner ceremony).

4. Rameshwaram is a beautiful place still in village kind environment .so bring and search your city fancies here. Stay simple and enjoyable.

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