Epic 9th century Sri Bhoga Nandishwara Temple

An Archaeological gem is located nearby Nandi Hills and must visit place for history and sculpture lovers. “Bhoga Nandishwara” or “Bhoga Nandishvara”) is a Hindu temple located in Nandi village, at the base of Nandi Hills (or Nandidurga) in the Chikkaballapur district of Karnataka state, India.

Ornate wall in the large open mantapa is a Vijayanagara era addition to the Bhoga 

Therefore Bhoga Nandeeshwara is located at a distance of 54 km from Bangalore and at the bottom of Nandi Hills.

Story of Shiva carved on walls
Most important specimens of Dravidian order datable to circa ninth to fifteenth century A.D

Enclosed in its own prakara measuring 112.8m x 76.2m with double mahadvara, this complex consists of twin temples dedicated to Siva as Bhoganandisvara (north) and Arunachalesvara (south). Between the two is a small intervening shrine.

Kalyani (temple tank):a Vijayanagara era contribution
View of the large Maha mantapa (main hall), a Vijayanagara empire era construction 

The orientation of Temple

Each temple consists of a garbhagriha, a sukanasi and a navaranga with sculptured jalis. Both temples have individual nandimandapas in front.

Window carving on outerwall of the Arunachaleshswara shrine 

 Most important terms you should know

Garbhagriha – Inner sanctum – The garbhagriha of each temple is a sanctified space in the temple.

The sukanasi, identified with the antarala, is the same size as the garbhagriha.

This is the place for singing and dancing in honor of the gods.

The prakara has two Devi shrines and other related structures like vasantamandapa tulabharamandapa and a square stepped tank.

Great history from the eyes of this tree

The other portion of the temple houses a large indoor water pond, called Sringeri Teertha and has rock cut steps on which many lamps are lit by the side of the tank on certain festive days like Deepavali.

Kalyani or Pushkarni(temple tank) was added by King Krishnadeva Raya This pond is believed to be a source of Pinakini River.

Sri Bhoga Nandishwara Temple The main temple is the Bhoga Nandeeshwara temle has a royal Shiva Linga in the Sanctum. There is a figure of a Chola King in this temple. The figure is believed to be of Rajendra Chola Chola dynasty.

Archaeological Survey of India signboard explaining the original construction 
Archaeological Survey of India signboard explaining the location

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