Vincennes Castle: Legendary since 12th century

Alternately a hunting lodge, a royal residence, a state prison, and an arsenal, Vincennes is not as famous as Versailles, which was built later. And yet.Vincennes Castle which is Legendary since the 12th century.

Its history is rich: the Marquis de Sade, Voltaire, Mirabeau, Diderot were imprisoned there; a French prince was murdered in its moats on Napoleon’s orders; after WWII, President Charles de Gaulle made plans to move the presidential palace there

The Capetian monarch established a hunting lodge in the Forest of Vincennes in 12th century at the start of hundred-year war bonus John the good initiated work on a keep nearby which his son Charles V completed 1370.

Detective wall with nine Towers was 10 built around the keep and the manor.
At the time of Charles V that work on the holy Chapel whose portal was to be one of the first five Gothic masterpieces has just begun.
The troubled period of the 16th and 17th centuries, the Mona took refuse behind the huge Castle walls. Building work mark Lui Louis xiv sporadic presence before he finally settle in Versailles in 1682.

Military Stronghold of Vincennes Castle

Then cancel that lost its status as a Royal Residence but from the revolution on becoming a major Arsenal. Napoleon consolidated respiratory calling by his degree on 16th March 1808, and level the wall Tower to adopt the site for modern artillery use.

level the wall Tower to adopt the site for modern artillery use.

1: The Capetian Manor of Vincennes Castle

Archaeological digs beneath the lawn and Central alley have revealed the foundation of the manor; a set of buildings that gradually is pranked up around a Courtyard in 13th and 14th centuries. The Manor becomes Saint Louis favorite residence and played host to key events in royal family life, notably the birth of its was born. It was gradually destroyed from 17th century onwards.

2 A fountain was built in the center of Manor Courtyard

The 13th century supplied by a sophisticated hydraulic system and extensive network. Rebuilt under Charles V, dance on 3 is now the only visible sign of manor. 

3 The Chatelet of Vincennes Castle

Forms the main entrance to keep it. Its facade was originally I don’t be the huge sculpted design. Visitor used to be created by is a statue of Charles V his wife Janata Bhawan and Saint Christopher with that rainy day trinity, assemble of divine protection is standing over them. 

4 The keep of Vincennes Castle

Or donjon, is an architectural sheet and expression of remarkable political determination, quickly and at the great cost. The use square Tower, flanked by four corner units, divided into 6 floors with whom whose archways rest on a single Slender Central column.

Each floor has the same layout, we the youth Central Hall and the room in each corner unit. Standing 50 M high which is tallest medieval keep in France. It is protected by a wall and a deep moat, originally filled with water. In the Courtyard on the left, you climb the oldest preserved example of outwork is stay away, late by 5 openings, one above the other. 

architectural sheet and expression of remarkable political determination

4 The Chatelet Terrace of Vincennes Castle

Provide view over the whole of the site. On the keep side, angels musicians, profits and fantastical character can be made out of making out on the scattered console framing the second and the third floor Windows. 

5. The Bell Tower

at the top of the staircase, the house is a copy of clock Bell installed in 1369 for the first time on civil building.

The study of Vincennes Castle

is located on the second floor of the Chatelet Charles v used to work and receive a visitor in this room why to secretaries in joining adjoining turrets

7. The Chemin of Vincennes Castle

de Ronde was not covered during the middle ages the king use it to walk from his study to his Apartment on the first floor of a building in the courtyard.
This building is no longer standing but the molding of its opening can be seen in the courtyard sidewall

8.The footbridge of Vincennes Castle

was only the way into the keep into the middle ages still using the same footage for the visitors

Inter Council Room of Vincennes Castle

nowadays shows of film recounting the history of the castle and Charles V time was originally used as a venue for official reception and working meeting between the monarch and his Advisors if necessary, it is used it was used as a bedroom for the queen all the king’s friend and relatives.8 ways in the room style beard paneling that also cover the wall in the 14th century.

10. The Bedchamber of Vincennes Castle

windows Central room on the second floor it has a beautiful fireplace. The king used to put away is fineness manuscript in the chest placed in a vest window recess. The pattern painted on the ribs of vaulting hint at the aquafit interior decoration of only medieval Royal Residence is still in its original layout.
The oratory extended to shuffle chapel located in the North-Eastern it 

the Treasure room just do it was basic of coal and the Charles V finest piece of gold and silver where deposited Italy to latrine and to the Orion study build after 2nd floor was completed the ground floor house a and to the oriel study, built after the second floor was completed.

The Ground Floor houses and the original well. The call was divided by central wall in the middle ages the keeps present past, born out from the 16th century, is presented at this level.

14. The Holy Chapel of Vincennes Castle

Founded by Charles V in 1379, the chapel is modeled on Saint Chapel of Palace De La cite in Paris, do it was only one floor with oratory is Reserve for the queen on the right and the king on the left, the North East building containing the scarcity and Treasure room,

the word initiated during the reign of Charles V was continued and the Charles IV and completed long after under Henry 2147 to 1559 description on Westgate shows the scale of early 15th-century stonework.

Walking here makes you feel that you are back in time, reliving all the history you know about it.

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