The travel to Trivandrumturned out to be an adventure.

We first decided to travel by a local train and went to the train station.

Being A Maverick on the way

Once arrived at the train station we learned that the next local train was 4 hours later so we decided to catch the bus and returned to the bus stop.

At the bus stand, we discovered the KSRTC buses to Trivandrum were all jam-packed with only a few air-conditioned private buses available and to our surprise these too were jam-packed.

We finally decided we couldn’t go by bus with two kids, a handful of baggage and uncomfortable hot weather.

Funnily enough, we decided to make a U-turn to the train station one more time.

Finally, we caught the local train and luckily the general compartment of the train had lots of empty seats to choose from and we had a comfortable trip.

Places to visit and its rules

In Trivandrum, there were two main attractions: The Kovalam beach (17 km from the city) and the Padmanabhaswamy temple.

The temple only allows the people from Hinduism faith and has a strict rule for visitors to dress up traditionally (Men and boys in Mund (Lungi in North) and no clothes on upper body and saree for women).

We decided to visit the temple the next morning as early as possible in order to beat the crowd.

We thought we were the smart people but, we were surprised to see the hordes of people in the temple (probably everyone had the same strategy….hahaha.).

It took 4 hours in a queue to avail Darshan.

My husband outside the temple in Thiruvanthapuram

The Padmanabhaswamy temple is one of the richest temples in India with worth 10 billion dollars.

The temple had a beautiful architecture with wide corridors all around and amazingly crafted pillars.

After the darshan, we changed our clothes to the beach clothes (luckily our hotel was nearby), had some lunch and took a bus to the Kovalam beach.

The Kovalam beach was a beautiful beach where kids played with waves while I enjoyed looking at a beautiful sunset and taking photos.

By Captain Nidhi Singh

Captain Nidhi Singh is avid traveller,backpacker ,voyager ,explorer.
She has served many years in Indian Armed Forces and moved permanently to Australia.

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