About Us

Sachet walker derives its name from Mindful travel stories. Sachet(सचेत) is a Hindi word for conscious.

“The universe conspires in helping you to achieve what you want.” In our case, it is traveling and exploring different places, cuisines, cultures, and nature.

Travelling is a way for us to relax and thank the universe, the nature and the supreme power for everything he created for us to cherish. We keep on making random plans to visit places we have never been.

Every time we visit a place we are mesmerized by the beauty, cuisines, culture, and nature. The diversity we encounter while traveling to places makes us speechless and yet a storyteller.

People Behind Sachet Walker

Team of Troika (Namrata, Kumar Saurabh, and Shubhi Mall).We are bonded with multiple overlapping relations for 15 years.

We have created memories together and continuing to make more. One of the best ones was to gatecrash a wedding. Of course, there is nothing new and every naughty person does that. But a few unlucky like us encounters their department’s faculty. And trust us this was way before the release of 3 idiots.

Thought, The consequence was not the same as shown in the movie. We got to eat all the shadi wala food without getting kicked out and posed fondly in front of the camera.

Shubhi Mall: She is a travel enthusiast, plant lover and digital marketing professional. When not traveling and working she is either writing or watching web series.

Capt.Nidhi Singh:She is permanently settled in Australia.A Typical traveller with two little kids.She is taleneted photographer,champion in managing inside-outside affairs.

Kumar Saurabh:  He is an amazing traveling partner. He keeps a high level of consciousness and alertness while making trips. Very particular about cleanliness. He works as damage control for the sachet walker blog.

Namrata:  She is an avid reader, writer. Who is also developing an edge in Hindi Writing. 
The complete credit of creating this travel blog goes to her. She is a yoga and meditation teacher for kids. She also works as Beekeeper and conservator. 

Traveling is not always pretty, It is not always comfortable, sometimes you have to get out of your comfort zone, face unknown challenges; take the wrong road, wrong metro or maybe the wrong direction, but it teaches you a lot. It leaves a mark on your memory, on your consciousness (चेतना), on your heart and your body. We are travel bloggers based in India

Traveling makes you modest you see what small space you occupy in the world.

So, enjoy our English section named My Travels, Hindi Section as Hindi Nuggets, a random yet interesting post under Motley and enjoy video gallery.

Feel free to drop a mail (namratamall02@gmail.com)about your likes,dislikes, and any similar experiences you have, or simply want to know more about traveling detail.

Adding a new category of motherhood as something meaningful happened in my life as a way of an inward journey hope you love it.