Hampi is a City of legends

Hampi is certainly a city that has something to offer for each category of people as Historical seeker heaven, Spiritual bliss for Ramayana followers and massive opportunity for travellers to explore the city on a bicycle or by foot.

After three long years, we happened to visit the legendary land of Hampi along with other closer destinations attached in a road trip. We started our trip from Bangalore -Hampi -Gokarna-Murudeshwar-Shimoga. I will guide you in detail on which route we followed where we stayed.

I was observing the fast of teej and in the same night, we planned to start our journey with a family of four adults and one baby.

How to reach Hampi

Bangalore to Hampi roads is in good condition, barring a stretch of roadworks in progress.

If you are game for a 6 – 7½ hours drive, Bangalore-Hampi is a great drive, totalling about 340km. We started at 2 o’clock at night and staying at multiple locations we reached by 9:30 AM at our destination Hotel Clark Hampi.

We take the time to freshen up and started our day with a hotel paper to visit places later we decided to assign a tourist guide with us on our way to the main road we visited the ancient temple of Maa Saraswati.

Saraswati temple premises

First three sets of monuments we visited ourselves later we decided to hire a local guide who can help us to explain the aesthetic value in simple words.

Words of caution

  1. Get your sunglasses and sunscreen cream with you.

2. You can use your beech hats conveniently.

3. Get dressed in bold fabric colour so that you can be distinct from brownstone colour.

Queen’s Bath

I can only imagine how glorious would be kingdom whose queen use to take bath in such a magnificent perimeter filled with the fragrance of sandalwood pillars decorated with gold and was set on fire by attackers for same gold.

places for beauty edification
Single monolith door where hinges were visible
A magnificent place for the Dussehra celebration
Queens use to perform goddess Laxmi puja by taking water from the pond.
look at the way the stones are interlinked giving strength to wall .
If you are having tickets already purchased from the ASI portal download them
already because at vithala temple you will not get any network
Magical stone pillars that can produce melodious music to date
Three generations of feminine energy
If you have an intelligent guide then you will get numerous memories to withhold
Made up of a single monolith still monumental