Frenzy 5 Fossils

I(Praveer Mahato) happened to be in Hongkong last month. As a geology student and nature explorer. I found frenzy 5 fossils in Hongkong Natural Science Museum. We heard a lot about fossils, so let us find out about the significance of fossils

  • Fossils help to understand the evolutionary sequence of life.
  • 2.Fossils as stratigraphic indicators to understand the concept of time and evolution of the earth.
  • 3. Fossils help us to understand the paleoclimate.
  • 4.Fossils as a paleogeographic indicator(Glassopteris/Lystrosaures)
  • 5.Fossils as an indicator of prehistoric life.
  • 6.Fossils as an economic tool for the discovery of different economic resources like coal and petroleum.
Marine Brachiopods

Trace fossils

Here plant leaf is imprinted on rock layers. There are several types of trace fossils. Mould and cast (external impression of an object on the enclosing rock. Read more Frenzy5fossils

Plant leaf fossils
Ancient civilization pots
Stone and metal structure

Did you remember what we saw in Paris Louvre museum

Stone structures

Remember the gems found in the meteoritic form.


Admission Fee

Standard: HK$10
Group (20 persons or above): HK$7
Concessionary (Full-time students/people with disabilities and one accompanying carer / senior citizens): HK$5
Free admission for Museum Pass holders

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