Daya Anna: creating Exquisite Portrayal since 1997

What did I like in the painting by Daya Anna? Why these painting always eye-catching? Why you awestruck by the work of Charcoal?

“Faith is realizing that you always get what you need.”

Daya Anna is a Mangalore based artist who is famous for his work on Gurudev paintings over the decades incorporated with a unique expression and vital painting of Gurudev (SRI SRI RAVISHANKAR JI)Founder of ART OF LIVING FOUNDATION.

His painting of Gurudev conjures up a myriad of emotions and sensations! Daya Anna work is based on observations and dilettante. The significant issues and most important ideas are Gurudev (SRI SRI RAVISHANKAR JI) and his plentifulness grace.

“If you can win over your mind, you can win over the whole world.”

There is a bit of landscape. But the rest of the painting is filled up with the figures of Gurudev.

The quality is good. The painting is like ahead of its time because of its colour and figures. 

Daya Anna: creating Exquisite Portrayal of Gurudev since 1997(His beginning in ART OF LIVING)

I experienced Sudarshana in the year 1997. Since then I am happily following the Art of Living. Within a year had a blessing divine opportunity of getting an autograph on a pencil sketch of our Gurudev.

Since then I am addicted to painting Gurudev portraits. Though it’s my profession I am glued with only Gurudev’s pictures. Done more than 1000 charcoal portraits and few oil paintings.

Still going stronger enthusiastically.Under the influence of swami, Suryapadji started teaching art. I was going to Govt. schools also. But when Gurudev said to go to villages I started visiting villages.

Morning time Happiness Programme for adults day time teaching art. Several times motivated children to display art what they created and sales proceedings were distributed among art students.

That was happy and blessed moments of my life. I want to continue to work with the children in the villages

Earlier I used to raise funds to support school buildings of SSRVM Mangalore.

Mysterious ways of Master

Long back, my scooter ran out of fuel luckily it was just opposite my office. I was busy. In the evening I received a call that my client could not come to collect the Artwork and he is already at the bus station.

Urged me to deliver the artwork which he badly needed for the conference he is rushing. I took the artwork delivered it to him and in a hurry returned because another client is impatiently waiting. Just when I reached the place, to my astonishment I realised my vehicle had run around 20 km with only Guru grace.

Sachetwalker’s recommendation:

Daya Anna painting is happily a reward for devotees as if Gurudev is virtually present. His painting is really striking as Gurudev is seeing directly into your soul.

Devotees can found an instant connection at your heart for these masterpieces. After all, it is a Master’s!

So, if you interested in collecting his painting feel free to reach him on 9886065105

Daya Anna is actively taking a workshop in Urban areas at 1000 per person and in rural areas its free of cost.

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Wonderful man with magic hands !! I am very with gurudevs portrait wchich MR Dayaji has made in just 3 days !!! Amazing !! Thanks

I am blessed to be gifted with the pencil sketch of Gurudev with His autograph by Daya Anna. My most prized possesion. It is true one feels Gurudev is looking directly into your soul. We need to promote Daya Anna’s work as Guruseva.

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