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Alleppey is another city on the Laccadive Sea in the state of Kerala and the visit to Alleppey for backwater (a network of tranquil canals and lagoon)houseboat cruise experience was the most awaited one as we had heard heaps about it.

Initially, we had planned for a two days stay, however, later we shortened it to a day after the advice by friends and locals.

As per their advice, one day was sufficient for this experience as the houseboat travelled in close vicinity of the shore and the scenery did not change significantly.

Lessons to be learned

Unfortunately, it was a peak season in Alleppey ( 24-25 December) and we hadn’t booked any houseboat in advance ( based on the review provided on travel websites that one should not just rely on photos on websites but inspect the interiors personally as the pictures can be deceptive and this approach also provided the opportunity to bargain).

How we actually managed

In our case, we ended up paying a bit higher price (9000 rupees for one night) but definitely got to see few houseboats and choose the one we liked.

What was my experience?

On a side note, there is a budget-friendly option available too where a medium-sized boat (like shikhara in Srinagar’s Dal lake takes people around for few hours). The experience on houseboat cruise was worth every penny.

The cooks on the boat cooked local cuisines on our demand and we had the whole houseboat with two air-conditioned room all for us.

Kids had fun running around the two decks and watching their favourite movie while we enjoyed some us time on the top deck sipping toddy(local beer).

We also got to see an amazing sunset.

By Captain Nidhi Singh

Captain Nidhi Singh is avid traveller,backpacker ,voyager ,explorer.
She has served many years in Indian Armed Forces and moved permanently to Australia.

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