Astonishing Eparchaen Unconformity- 1600 Million Old Rowdy

Unconformities are formed when there is a break in sedimentation. This creates a gap in the geological records. Eparchaen unconformity is again one topic which I have learned back in Geology classes and teacher suggested us to notice Eparchean unconformity on the way to Tirupati.

So here I am doing the same. Observing a magnificent million-year-old unconformity. As somehow we can’t get the darshan in the temple but while roaming the outside museum I recalled that we are a million years old potential geological creation which remind us of recess in the geological period.


An unconformity represents an interval of time of unknown length which is spent in an erosion of the underlying strata before the deposition of the overlying rocks. I found a few interesting study material.

Here is list of some other geological delight from Sachet walker