Permaculture farming

Permaculture is designed on the relationships found in nature. In other words the development of agricultural ecosystems intended to be sustainable and self-sufficient.

Unity is strength .When it is selfless its bliss

First of all, I got the golden opportunity to visit Sathnur 80 kilometers away from Bangalore and arrange a school garden in an organic way.

True perma-culture, is not just organic farming – the ideology should in practice means harmonious integration of environment and people —

Seeds soaked for better outcomes More specifically it is the design of agriculturally productive ecosystems which have diversity and stability while considering the existing environment and natural ecosystems

providing their food, shelter, and energy in a sustainable way.

Most noteworthy Perma-culture design has

  1. Focus on closing the nutrient and water loop by using waste, and reducing the dependence on inputs.
  2. Creation of healthier soil and diversity of produce
  3. Variety keeps residents engaged and excited about growing their food.
The first sign of our victory (Optimization of 
natural energies, e.g. wind, dust, leaves, bird droppings. )

Imitating nature by conserving the soil and water, and genetic capital. There is intensive use of space. Plants are allowed to set seed and are inter-planted for pest control.

Field prepared after multilayered mulching and nutrients black soil
  • You are unlikely to see food plants in rows. The permaculture site will look more like a food-forest with some open glades full of herbs.
  • Nutritious food and habitat for people and native animals and birds.
Our school premise and team members

Dependence on observation.Perma-culture design is a mixed technology. 

Nature simply takes over. The soil will continue to heal, the forests grow and someone else can step in to rebuild our efforts

Types of cycle in Permaculture

There is a significant difference between closed and open food-production systems.

Similarly, the Ideal Perma-culture ‘Farm’ brings production of food closer to consumers and the consumer’s wastes back into the cycle.

I would like to see people more aware of where their food comes from. For instance, rainwater is harvested, the fertility of the soil is replenished by crop rotation and soil itself is the compost here.
Also richer the soil, lesser the chances of it being infested so definitely no harmful pesticides in the picture.

Thus Permaculture will help in:

  • Soil conservation and betterment
  • Conserving the natural ecosystem
  • Providing healthy and chemical-free food
  • Meeting the ever-increasing food demand
In layman’s terms, it is an agricultural method that optimizes the resources available in that particular surrounding for farming. It is not only economical but also sustainable as there are ample of benefits for this style of agriculture.
The whole concept is based on synergy.
  • Maximizing the optimization of minimum resources  
  • Zero waste process
  • Preserving the biodiversity
  • Lessening global warming
Villages wonder boy, holding hook at his chest, look at his glorious smile (Organic Farming promotes the use of natural fertilizers, making use of the natural carbon cycle so that waste from plants becomes the food (fertilizer) of another.

A farming method that utilizes the surrounding ecology as its very foundation for cultivation is a permaculture farming method.

The whole concept is based on synergy.

Most talkative and intelligent girl

As the basis is very much in tune with nature, twinning with the existing ecosystem, there is no need for external resources as such.

Famous Brisheswara a form of Shiva who is giving villagers boon since long time

As a result, Urban permaculture is today a popular permaculture principle that goes beyond space limitations.

In this style of permaculture, any landscape be it an apartment space or a rooftop or merely a balcony space is designed for growing plants.

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