Health Benefits of 5 Summer Fruits

With scorching heat becoming a daily phenomenon, what we can do to beat the heat is increasing the intake of seasonal summer fruits. Here are many health and medicinal benefits associated with it.


The fruit of Syzygium cumini known to relieve stomach pain, carminative, anti-scorbutic and diuretic. Jamun vinegar is good to reduce the enlargement of spleen, diarrhea, and who has urine retention problems.

Jamun or Black plum :

Jamum’s ployphenolic compounds are effective against cancer, heart diseases, diabetes, asthma and arthritis. 


It is a rare delight to find Litchi here in Banglore. This fruit contains a very high dose of vitamin C, vitamin D, copper, phosphorus, magnesium, riboflavin, protein, and water. This way it keeps your skin glowing and healthy.

Litchi/lychee :
Control blood pressure

High vitamin C content in litchis can be helpful in reducing the negative effects of free radicals, thereby slowing down ageing .

Fig fruit:

is low in calories. 100 g fresh fruits carry only 74 calories. Research studies suggest that chlorogenic acid in the figs help lower blood sugar levels and control blood glucose levels in type-II diabetes mellitus (adult-onset) condition

Fig (Anjeer) :Help in weight loss

figs have been recommended as a way to reduce sexual dysfunction issues including sterility, low endurance or erectile dysfunction.


The anti-inflammatory effect of cherries helps keep your body healthy; That means they don’t trigger spikes and crashes in your blood sugar and insulin levels

Just by eating 200g of cherry every day, you will have a sufficient amount of vitamin C that the body needs for the whole day, contributing to prevent scurvy .

Cherry :
supply of antioxidants

Tiny cherry is equivalent to the vitamin A content of a carrot in the average size.
Cherries’ abundant supply of antioxidants have been linked to reduced levels of nitric oxide — a compound associated with osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis

Star fruit:

health benefits include promoting digestion, supporting weight loss, maintaining cardiovascular health, supporting eyesight, relieving pain, a good source of protein and fighting infections. 

STAR FRUIT/ carambola:
support the digestive system
This fruit resembles a star when a cross-section is performed

The entire fruit is edible, including the skin. The flesh is crunchy, firm, and incredibly juicy. It does not contain fibers and has a texture similar in consistency to that of grapes. 

Keep trying these fruit shakes at large instead of packed drinks.