7 Real fear of milestone Anxiety

Parents tend to be a keen observer of their child’s overall development depending on her age and ability etc, But sometimes it also makes us anxious about milestones, a child has reached/not reached.

Milestone anxiety is real! We need to understand a few things if it is not possible to take away the stress.

1-Comparison at any age gives anxiety so avoid it.

2-Avoid listening to comments about your babies development until and unless by a specialist (most of the time it is in your best interest yet they cause a lot of anxiety/stress too)

3-Babies always don’t need our hands on them to help, just creating an environment will be a big help.

4-Let babies explore themselves and problem solve themselves and that’s the best way to learn.

5-Every child and family have their own journey, accept it.

6-There are age ranges for every milestone so it’s ok to wait!

The beginning of five-month is hidden pressure of baby should crawl

7- Every child is unique and different, accept and respect the difference.

8-Few exercises that would help in achieving these goals are:

Rolling: Rolling and crawling are physical milestones, and happens more naturally. Although we know that rolling happens before crawling With doing mobility exercises in routine the aim is to make children mobile,

So keeping that intention in mind, we would obviously want the child to start crawling, as they will also gain strength and stamina in both upper and lower limbs with crawling, and this will also give them some sense of movement. But please be aware of the fact that none of the milestones can be achieved in just a few sessions.

We have to be patient and consistent with all the exercises suggested in the program. For rolling, You can use toys, mirrors, books, to engage her in the side-lying position. 

Please allow the baby to spend roughly equal amounts of time on both sides of the body throughout the day.

But I am determined to give my child a healthy & happy environment

Practising routine mobility: so what you do here is:
1. for few sessions you encourage a child to move with toys/goals/love/being with them on the floor etc. No towel, simply baby on tummy side

2. For general playtime, place baby on the tummy (instead of the back) and you can use the rolled-up towel under the chest as support to allow for more time on mob4s

3. Occasionally can keep her on both sides as well and encourage her to roll over.

Lastly, parents care and attention along with that well-fed, rested Baby can do micarcles.



Since we have seen a major shift in the mood of netizen from the beginning to the arrival of the corona -the spread of corona from a single case to first wave and second wave. We have seen how vulnerable our life is how microorganism can be catastrophic in a big way (may it is a virus, fungi, bacteria). After delivery I was infected with UTI was suffering from a fever of 105 degree

Respecting life

So why I am talking so much about the outer world so much because in the past few years I have been on a journey of self-discovery which make bring me to the conclusion that every life is valuable and moreover I am feeling special connection and respect with babies & mother of other species as well.

Since going out & seeking the outer world is no more liberty so I will give you insight into my journey through my pregnancy how things are going forward.

Medical Science and Vedic wisdom

Just to make this blog journey more efficient I will divide it into the term of medical term month-wise, plus how our ancient wisdom knowledge of Vedic wisdom paved a path of bright & shining little one so another pillar would be the performance of sanskaras.

Fruit of my nine-month SADHANA

So what makes it all worth it yes it gives me happiness, it give me sheer satisfaction to be able to breastfeed, to spend a sleepless night in the beginning, would certainly like to spread the joy from beginning from day one.

Since we were married for four years and have gone through all the elderly dialogue so whoever is struggling to conceive I have a piece of advice for you as well.

Memoire of past few years

What makes me document my journey is just another story of mother indeed but when I see how frequently the world is crumbly around me so it is better to give my baby a written testimonial of how, when, what happened.

A reader who ever is reading my post feel free to reach out to me on mentioned issues would love to share my expertise if possible.

Your Lovingly

Namrata(A mother)