Sneak-peek into 12 century Gem of Sainte -Chapelle

1. The window telling the story of the relics of the passion is the only one to be read boustrophedonically(a way of reading from the bottom upwards, alternate lines are read in opposite directions, right to left then left to right). In the lower part of the lights, it illustrates the tale of relics song Dare the discovery of Saint Helen in Jerusalem to their arrival in the kingdom of France. 

2. The Statue of Saint Peter 

is the original, as are five other apostle statues. He is holding the key to heaven. The Statue of 12 apostles, the “pillars of the church” are symbolically arranged in the name of ribbed vault springing line. Date typify the harmony and idealized faces of Persian is a culture in the year between 1240 and 1260.

3. The great Shrine 

containing the 22 relics of The Passion of Christ, including the fragment of Holy Cross the Crown of Thrones, used to be displayed on the gallery but was melted down during the revolution. The remaining relic for now kept in the treasury of Cathedral Notre Dame De Paris. 

4. The Western rose Of Sainte -Chapelle

 illustrate the prophetic apocalypse st John, symbolically represented opposite the passion of Christ in the choir’s central stained glass window. The centre of the rose, Christ returns in the glory at the end of time to judge the dead and the living. 

The hundred foliage decorated capitals along the walls are all different. The angels on the corner pieces of the arcatures echo the 42 Martyr scenes featured in the quatrefoils.

The Ile de la Cite: The seat of Royal power

In the first century BC, the Parisii, a Gallic tribe, settled on the island in the middle of the river Seine, later known as  Ile de la cite,
and founded the town of Lutetia, is the fifth century the name of Paris.

In the 6th century Clovis, the first French king made Palais De La Cite his Royal Residence. His son Childbirth had Paris’s first Cathedral build end of the 10th century, Hughes Capet, the French Captain King, establish his Royal Council government in the palace, the distance between the seat of Royal power.

Sainte -Chapelle palace deserted by its Kings

In 1248, when Louis IX signed the deed founding Saint Chapelle, the nearby cathedral of Notre Dame already had its current facade.
In 1358, the advisor of King John ( the good) was assassinated before the eyes of dolphin the future Charles v, who once he became King decided to move to better-protected premises, mostly the Hotel Saint Paul one of his Paris residence no longer standing then, to the Louvre and Vincennes.

The royal government, parliament, chancery and the Chamber of accounts renamed in the Capetian and palace for a while, but as the centuries passed only the long court and the prison stayed on.
Nowadays, Saint Chapelle and the constitution are only visible remains of the oldest Paris of the king of France.

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Address: 8 Boulevard du Palais, 75001 Paris, France


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