My Heartwarming Experience At The Art of Living -13 May

4. Conflict Resolution :

Hundreds of thousands of militants, armed insurgents, survivors, war veterans, and prisoners have found new directions in life through rehabilitation programs

offered by The Art of Living across prisons, war-zones, refugee camps, even in the remote interiors of jungles inhabited by armed groups

Inspiring Quotes of SRI SRI

Gurudev sri sri giving darshans to devotees in yagnashala
My favorite Quote: Guru is never judgmental, he is very accommodating, compassionate and only wants the best for you.
Not even the second best.

My experience:

My beginning in Art of living start from 2011 when I did my Happiness programme with teacher of same name (Namrata) which was really beautiful experience .

However ,I could not continue because I moved to Delhi.For several years I remain disconnected .Then in 2015 I moved to Bangalore .

Since ,then Ashram is my Second home.I keep on going visiting ashram .Life goes with its ups and down but my faith in Gurudev is never shaken.

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