10 Goddamn, freaking rides in Wonderla

If you are an adrenaline junkie, fascinated about heights and enjoy the thrilling experience of water and speedy goddamn freaking rides then Wonderla is the perfect place for you. Please don’t forget to carry a valid Indian photo ID is mandatory to enter the park.

How to reach:

We took a cab from our home early in the morning and we had breakfast in a midway outer kingeri road. You can plan for taking BMTC bus from specific places as Kempgodwa Bus Stop or KR Market bus stop and catch any bus which is going towards Mysore Road ( 225)

Address:28th Km, Mysore Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka 562109

Wonderla Inclusions

  • Entry to Wonderla Amusement Park
  • Unlimited access to rides as per height and weight restrictions
  • Parking

Wonderla Not included

  • Locker fee
  • Swimsuit
  • Certain rides and paid attractions

Wonderla cater to a wide range of audiences may be children, youngster or family outings. It has so many attractions for each section.

Fun Racers

Fun Racers are water slides where you slither down lying prostrate on rubber mats. I found this one quite intriguing.

The downward slide is interspaced with level portions for a wonderful experience. Fun racers are a very enjoyable ride suitable for all age groups.

Wave Pools

The only difference is that the water isn’t salty and you don’t have to be afraid of the sea carrying you away.

In winter the pool is heated, so you can wallow in the waters all year round. The smaller of the two pools has shallow waters and tiny waves that children can cope with. 

Sky Wheel

Firmly straddling a 13-story-high tower, the giant wheel with a diameter of 30 meters slowly turns on its axis to give the riders a bird’s eye view of the park and its surroundings.

Spacious lifts carry visitors to the top of the tower, which is a landmark that can be seen from miles around.

Wonder Splash

This ride is an absolute must for every guest visiting Wonderla. A bogie that resembles a raft made of logs is hauled up a hill using a conveyor and taken through a tunnel.

On emerging from the tunnel, it hurtles down a steep incline at a dizzying speed and splashes into a shallow pool, sending a glorious spray of water your way and drenching you in the process.

This fun ride is suitable for all riders in all the age groups. 


Twisters are a set of three water slides with tube-like structures that take you through a series of loops to finally disgorge you into a shallow pool of water.

Recoil – India’s First Reverse Looping Rollercoaster

This high tech roller coaster is imported from the Netherlands and has two track ramps that go up to 40 meters.

The train climbs one ramp and accelerates to 80 kmph in 1 second, before encountering a ‘cobra roll’ and a ‘loop’ in the tracks, climbing the second ramp, again to a 40 m height, and then doing it all over all again, only this time, it is Backwards!

Jungle Lagoon

Medium height water activity with special soft flooring, very shallow water levels and 5 uniquely themed water slides and a large water play tree-house and It can accommodate over 400 people comfortably.


We experienced this thrilling water ride that will test ourselves. The float moves into a closed tunnel and then suddenly drops from a height into a large boomerang shaped water slide resulting in a repeated to and fro motion.

Experience the Adventures of Chikku,

A state-of-the-art ride that combines a 3D film with physical and environmental effects, in an air-conditioned theatre with 180 seats.

Visitors will experience movement under their feet, splashes of water, gusts of wind and movie magic like never before.

An average experience for found it interesting.

For more details contact:
Wonderla Holidays Limited
28th km, Mysore Road, Bangalore – 562109
Phone Number: 08113-394441/2/3/5

Best Time to Visit: February to November

Price: Ranging from 850 to 2000

Average time required to visit the place: An entire day.

Wonderla Park timings

  • Monday to Friday: 11:00 A.M. – 6:00 P.M.
  • Saturday and Sunday: 11:00 A.M. – 7:00 P.M.

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