Chateau de Versailles: Dream for eternity

Versailles was originally an aristocratic hunting lodge, before capturing the dreams of the young Louis XIV. Versailles is a place where once visionary King resides with his ambition of being remembered for generations and his glory of Hall of mirrors witnessing important events of French history is here. Versailles is almost 45-minute ride with metro and RER […]

Amesterdam : Broader Perspective

एम्स्टर्डम – नीदरलैंड का व्यापक परिपेक्ष एम्स्टर्डम एक बहुत पुराना और एक प्राचीन शहर है जो आज भी पूरी तरीके से बरकरार हैं। जीतनी देर में हम बस से लखनऊ से गोरखपुर पहुंचते उतनी देर में हम पैरिस से बेल्जियम की सीमा पार करते हुए एम्स्टर्डम पहुंच गए, महिमा है “सीज़न वीजा” की जो यूरोप  […]

Must Visit 11 Sensational Places in Paris

Paris has some of the world’s most incredible glamour, monuments and artworks people wait (and save) a lifetime to experience.  Well known as the City of Light, not because of the availability of electricity but reaching conclusions by sound reasoning. For high-end fashion in Paris, you’ve come to the right place. Head to the Champs- Elysées and Avenue Montaigne […]